Brownsburg Custom Home Builder: Making Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

Check out these great kitchen ideas from an expert Brownsburg Custom Home Builder.

Brownsburg Custom Home Builder: Making Your Kitchen Feel Bigger

You’re tired of dealing with a tiny kitchen. It’s frustrating, but there isn’t really any space to make it bigger. What do you do? As a Brownsburg custom home builder, the experts at Michael and Associates can help transform your small kitchen into a larger space without actually making it bigger. While the kitchen won’t physically get bigger, there are certain design elements we can add to make the room feel bigger.

Consolidate your appliances to save valuable counter space.

No one likes a cluttered countertop. One of the best ways to avoid the cluttered countertop is to remove and consolidate appliances. Rather than having your stove and oven in separate places, consider combining them. Doing this will free up space. Also, rather than keeping appliances like the microwave, blender, and other bulky appliances on the counter, have your Brownsburg custom home builder install them in the wall or hide them under the counter.

Use skylights and large open windows to create an airy feeling in the room.

By relying on more natural light, you’ll create a feeling of openness. Skylights require the ceiling to be higher, so the room will feel bigger as a result. Plus, to get the right amount of natural light, you’ll need large windows that open the room up to the outside. Just don’t forget you’ll still need ambient light and task lighting to help you when the sun isn’t shining through those big windows.

Create a sense of openness by using glass fronted, light cabinets.

To give your kitchen the right amount of storage space, you might rely on a large number of cabinets. While there’s nothing wrong with that, cabinets can make the room feel small. To balance out the number of cabinets with the size of the room, use light colors and glass fronts. The light colors will help brighten the room up while the glass doors will create a more open environment.

Rely on a more open floor plan to give the illusion of more space in the kitchen.

If it’s at all possible, consider an open floor plan for your kitchen. Removing a wall that separates your kitchen from the dining room, family room, or any room adjacent to it, will give the illusion that kitchen is actually much bigger. While the physical footprint of the kitchen won’t change, it’ll feel larger than it actually is.

Use clean lines to create a roomier, sleek look.

While ornate cabinets and details can make a kitchen really stand out, it can also lead to a choppier feel. Instead, opt for clean lines. Keeping things simple will allow the room to feel roomier because the ornate details aren’t distracting to the eye. Plus, by keeping everything simple, it’ll be easier to organize and straighten up your kitchen.

Making any room feel bigger than it actually is can be a challenge, but a Brownsburg custom home builder can help you design a room so that it feels bigger. If you’re ready to get started on your custom home, contact the experts at Michael and Associates.

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