Your Favorite Famous Homes From TV and Movies

Home Alone House

Your Favorite Famous Homes From TV and Movies

When you’re watching your favorite tv show or a good movie, how often do you pay attention to the house? In so many cases, the house is as much of a character as the leading actors or actresses. The more you learn about movies and tv shows, the more you come to realize that the homes or even cities set as the backdrop of the story aren’t real at all. Well, we went out looking for the homes in some of our favorites movies and tv shows, to see how they’re doing now, and learn a little more about the styles and specifications.

The Home Alone House

Home Alone House

Easily one of the most iconic houses from the silver screen, the Home Alone House was the best supporting actor Macaulay Culkin could ask for. It was the perfect place to plant booby traps, get revenge on the bad guys and serve as a beautiful backdrop for antics to unfold. The house is located just outside of Chicago in Winnetka. The Colonial Georgian style home was built in 1920 and features beau arch details. Recently sold for 18.5 million, the house features 5 beds, 4 baths at 4,243 square feet. This home has changed quite a bit since it’s movie debut, but you can take a look inside and see how the owners have updated the home to stay modern yet classic.

The Ferris Bueller Ferrari House

Ferris Bueller House

Any Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fans out there? Bueller…..? Bueller…..? For those of you who don’t remember, supporting role, rule-following Cameron’s home was a modernist glass house, perfect for showcasing the stunning bright red Ferrari. Easily one of the most recognizable homes, this house was the picture of modern design (until the Ferrari crashed through the glass wall). As bold as this house is, you might assume it was a set house, made specifically for the film, but no. This house is a real home and recently underwent more renovations to make it a more livable space. Floor to ceiling windows makes privacy limited. The modern home recently sold for 1.06 million just outside of Highland Park, Illinois.

The 10 Things I Hate About You House

10 Things I Hate About You House

This house isn’t as well known as the previous two perhaps, but it is memorable for anyone who’s seen the movie. For those who haven’t, this is your typical late 90’s romantic comedy, but with (spoiler) Heath Ledger singing his heart out while prancing around a set of bleachers. So what makes this house so iconic? Well, it’s a beautiful Victorian home just outside of Tacoma, Washington. Sprawling 5,760 square feet and built in 1907, the home has remained in pretty much the same condition over the years. One of the best features of the home is the full wrap-around porch and scenic views. If you’re curious to see what the five bedroom and three and a half bath home looks like now, you can see photos here.

The Roseanne Home

The Roseanne House

If you’re reading this from Indiana, this home is pretty close! The series is set in Ohio, but the home itself is in Evansville, Indiana. While the other homes on this list are mostly sprawling mansions, this home is typical to the size and style of a home the Barr’s would live in. While this three bedroom, two bath modest bungalow isn’t the location of filming, it is a nice bit of authenticity for the show.

The House from Mrs. Doubtfire


A beloved classic for many people, Mrs. Doubtfire released in 1993 starring Robin Williams. While Robin Williams dressed up as a nanny is pretty unforgettable, the Victorian home that housed the family is pretty memorable too. This four bedroom elegant Victorian was built in 1893 and the dining rooms still feature the original woodwork. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the home, take a sneak peek at what it looks like now.

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