#1 Most Important Question To Ask When Designing A Custom Home

Dream Kitchen Custom Home Design with rustic wood and white marble cabinets

#1 Most Important Question To Ask When Designing A Custom Home

We won’t make you wait for it. The number one most important question to ask when you are designing your custom home is this:

“What if…?”

It may seem like an odd question at first glance. After all, you probably have a list of questions a mile long about the process of building a custom home and how to find the right custom home builder. These are questions that a good custom home builder will be able to answer for you.

The “what if” questions are questions that only you can answer. After all, when you are finished with your custom home project, your builder won’t be living in the home. You will be. At Michael & Associates, our complete customer satisfaction is so important to us that we encourage our clients to think about the “what if” questions in a big way to get you dreaming about the possibilities.

Need ideas to get you started? We’re here for you. We’ve put together a list of some of the “what if” questions we’ve heard in the past to get your gears turning!

  • What if the kitchen drawers contained charging stations?
  • What if our kitchen had a fireplace or a wood-fired oven?
  • What if the island was a wrap-around shape?
  • What if all the drawers and cabinets featured soft close?
  • What if there was a sink in the island?
  • What if the pantry was a walk-in closet?
  • What if there was a wine cooling bucket built into the counter?
  • What if we added a butler’s pantry?
  • What if we had two kitchens – one inside and one in our outdoor living space
Dream Kitchen Custom Home Design with rustic wood and white marble cabinets
  • What if we did a grand staircase at the entryway of our home?
  • What if we had a tiered lawn and landscaping plan?
  • What if the driveway was crafted from textured concrete?
  • What if we had an outdoor living space for each floor?
  • What if the screened-in porch could be converted to a sunroom in the winter?
  • What if the swimming pool was tiered and featured a hot tub and a waterfall?
  • What if we added solar panels?
  • What if the TV in the living room could hide when not in use?
  • What if the windows in the main living area went from floor to ceiling?
  • What if the second floor overlooked the living area on the first floor?
  • What if vaulted ceilings were covered in shiplap?
  • What if our laundry chute allowed us to sort the laundry right from the second floor?
  • What if the ceilings were tray ceilings?
  • What if our we could save money by building an energy efficient home?
  • What if the master bedroom had its own walk-out balcony?
  • What if the bed in the master overlooked a fireplace?
  • What if the bedroom closet were a room unto itself?
  • What if the master shower had glass that frosted over with the touch of your finger?
  • What if the master bath featured a sauna?
  • What if the bathroom featured a luxury built-in vanity?
  • What if it wasn’t a bathroom at all? What if it was a spa instead?
  • What if the shower heads were rain showers?
  • What if the bunk beds were actually custom built-ins?
  • What if our basement had its own kitchen space?
  • What if we had a workout center?
  • What if our basement had heated flooring?
  • What if we added a wine cellar or brewing room?
  • What if we could add a bedroom and ensuite bathroom for guests?
  • What if our basement featured a home movie theater?

Don’t limit yourself to this list of questions! Hop on Pinterest or Houzz and start gathering ideas you love. If you have other questions that we can answer to help you begin to envision the process, feel free to use our team as a resource. We are here for you on your journey to your dream home.

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