Added Security to Your Custom Home

Door in lock or custom home

Added Security to Your Custom Home

We lock our cars, secure our homes, even set alerts to track electronic payments from our bank accounts. But even with these measures in place, many of us are still concerned with safety. We all want to sleep soundly at night in our own home or leave for vacation with the peace of mind that the home will be exactly the same as when it was left. For many people, this means increased security measures. When thinking about designing your custom home, keep these options in mind for added security.

Timed Lights

If you’re out of town or simply not at home during the evening or weekend, timed lights provide an extra measure of security. Potential intruders will be deterred if it appears you’re home even when you’re not. Make sure to schedule your lighting to match a daily routine.

Doorbell Cameras

People are increasingly using doorbell cameras. These allow you to record anyone who approaches your front door while you’re at home or away. You can also see when packages are delivered, and if someone steals them you’ll have caught the criminal red-handed.

Outdoor Lights

Your front and back porch lights are useful, but adding additional lighting increases security. These extra lights will ensure you can see around your entire house when arriving home at night. You and your guests will also have a well-lit path to your front door. Outdoor lights near security cameras also ensure a clear picture if you ever need to review the footage for any reason.

Backyard Cameras and Motion Lights

Nearly one in four break-ins occur through the back door. This is why you can’t forget to include backyard cameras and motion lights. Monitoring all entry points is essential, and while cameras can catch burglars breaking in, motion lights may scare them off before anything is stolen.

Fire-Resistant Materials

There are at least 350,000 house fires every year in the United States. This means you should consider using fire-resistant materials from floor to ceiling. Your carpeting, insulation and even interior house paint can slow down or possibly prevent flames from spreading.

Window Stops

Window stops can be set to prevent your home’s windows from opening more than a certain amount. This is also important since 23 percent of burglars get in through windows. If you set these stops to open no more than 6 inches, you can stop a criminal from slipping in while still allowing a cool breeze to flow through the home. These stops are also easy to remove in case of fire.

When you’re creating your perfect custom home, it’s important to always remember how important security is. We live in a constantly changing world, so extra security is never a bad thing. If you’re in the market for custom home builders in Indianapolis, G&G Custom Homes can help you create the perfect residence to keep you and your family safe. Give us a call at 317-418-7665 or send us a message to get started! 

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