Custom Home Inspiration: What to Include In Your Guest Suite

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Custom Home Inspiration: What to Include In Your Guest Suite

Do you love entertaining guests over long weekends or holidays? If you do, then you probably want to provide the perfect place for them to relax and have some privacy. Need some custom home inspiration for your guest suite?

Guest Suite Issues

  • No matter how much you love entertaining guests, your guest suite probably isn’t used for guests every single day. This usually leads to the room or suite filling up with clutter and things you just aren’t sure where else to put. The suite becomes a catchall.
  • While you start with good intentions, over time the guest suite gets warped into a multipurpose room. It becomes an exercise room, playroom, or over-sized closet.
  • Guests don’t feel at home when their room is full of your stuff. The point of a guest suite in your home is to make guests feel like they’re at home even when they aren’t.

Custom Home Inspiration

You need to design your guest suite in a way that helps keep it a guest suite:

  • When you add a seating area to the guest suite, you help fill up the room, so you’ll be far less tempted to set up a crafting table or put your treadmill in the room. Plus, the seating area will give your guests a place to rest after a long day. To really make the seating area great for guests, consider positioning comfortable chairs around a fireplace or a love seat close to a television, so your guests can unwind.
  • Storage options like built-in cabinets will make the room look incredible, but they’ll also give you extra places to stash your miscellaneous things. You can also add counters to the cabinets giving you extra space for your favorite books, decor and things your guests may need or enjoy.
  • Some guests may want to wake up earlier than your family does or they may want some time in the morning before joining your family for the day. A kitchenette or coffee bar gives guests a place to make a small breakfast or coffee before officially starting their day. Your guests will love the added feature and it’ll give you another reason to keep the space tidy between guest visits.

Planning a custom home means planning every single detail of the build like the features and plans for your guest suite. It can be intimidating, if you don’t have the right Indianapolis custom home builder helping you through the entire custom home building process. At Michael & Associates, we help you from an initial conversation about your dream home to the minute we hand over the keys to your new home.

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