Building Your Personal Oasis: Design Tips for A Custom Home Spa

All wood sauna in custom home spa design

Building Your Personal Oasis: Design Tips for A Custom Home Spa

Candles, hot stones, dim lights, nothing is quite as relaxing as a few hours in a spa. A typical trip to the spa costs around $100. While it’s worth the cost to unwind and treat yourself, what if you could save those costs and get the spa experience every day? When planning your custom home design, think about how you can add features to help unwind and relax after a long day of work.

Steam Shower

One easy add to the home to promote health and wellness is a steam shower. Steam showers improve circulation, promote healthy skin, assist with metabolism and weight loss just to name a few. You don’t have to build an entire room to get the benefits of steam. Simply swap out the ordinary shower with a steam shower and bask in the benefits every day.

Steam Room

Wanting to go a little bigger? Maximize the benefits of a steam shower by building a steam room. Steam rooms are similar to saunas, but use a different type of heat. Saunas use dry heat, typically from a stove or hot rocks. Steam rooms use wet heat, generated from boiling water. A steam room is a great place to sit down, relax, and benefit from the cleansing effects of the steam. Be sure to consult with a designer to use the right materials for sustainability in your steam room.

wood saunaEver wonder why most spas and saunas are lined in wood? This isn’t any type of wood. Western Red Cedar. Cedar has been traditionally used in saunas because of its ability to withstand wet conditions and repel infestation by insects. While steam saunas don’t necessarily require Red Cedar, it does create a feeling synonymous with a luxury spa day.





Your home should be an oasis for relaxation and getting away from the stress of everyday life. Why not dedicate an entire room to bettering your health and mind? A central feature of most home spas is water. A calming body of water to relax and meditate makes going to work the next day a lot less stressful. Build a small pool and hot tub to escape the day, right in your home. These inspiring spas show just what’s possible when it comes to an in-home spa.

indoor-swimming-pool-design-with-comfy-lounge-chairs luxury-home-spa-room-1-38 stunning-home-spa-with-waterworks

Go sleek and modern, or natural and beachy. Whatever you decide, it should reflect what relaxation means to you. Some people prefer lots of light, light neutral colors, and clean lines. Maybe you prefer a candle-lit room with low light and texture. The sky’s the limit when it comes to design.

Salt cave – Halotherapy

You may have noticed salt lamps popping up on store shelves lately. People have long-used salt for health benefits. Salt is great for people with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments. Healing salt also reduces stress and promotes skin health. Add a feature wall of salt bricks in your steam room or around the hot tub and soak up the benefits as you relax.

Workout Space

Exercise is part of a healthy, balanced life. Instead of packing a bag and heading to the gym, bring the gym into your personal health and wellness oasis. Use part of your space to house your treadmill, yoga mat, cycle bike and anything else you need for your workout. Having your workout space right next to your spa area allows you to recover and wind down from your workout in peace. Consider adding a shower room attached to your workout room to get nice and clean after your workout. You don’t want to walk through the house dripping wet after your shower, so make sure you have everything you need in one place.

Towel Warmer

There’s nothing cozier than a fresh, warm, soft towel when stepping out of the shower. When designing your storage space, look for the perfect place for a towel warming drawer. This one small detail in your design takes your at home spa from nice to luxurious.

Radiant heat flooring

On the subject of warmth, radiant floor heating makes a big impact on the overall design of your spa. Picture yourself climbing out of the pool to step out onto a warm floor. Especially in winter months, you want to be comfortable every second you spend in your space.

Big and small, these elements can all work together to make your next spa day spectacular. Bring comfortable furniture, ambient lighting, and a refreshment bar together to set your space over the top. Looking forward to creating your own personal oasis? Contact our team to get designing today!

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