Designing a Child’s Room With Children In Mind

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Designing a Child’s Room With Children In Mind

Getting a child to sleep at night is no easy task for any parent. The boundless energy, the need for one more story before bed, and the constant demand to come to sleep in your bedroom are all relatable challenges most parents can relate to. But what if your kid wanted to crawl into bed every night? What if they were excited about bedtime and saw it as an adventure, not a chore. We put together some of our favorite design ideas for children’s bedrooms that just might make their bedroom your child wants to be during the day and night.

Active Space

Most of the time, the bedroom is just the place kids go to sleep. As soon as the sun rises, they’re out in the living room or playroom, pulling toys off the shelf ready for another day of play. What if the bedroom could serve multiple purposes? Designing a child’s bedroom to be a place of adventure helps children stay engaged and challenged in their bedrooms. If the bed is up in a tree house surrounded by rope nets and climbing features, getting up to sleep is something out of a storybook and during the day it’s an indoor play area to burn off extra energy. When the room is fit to the child and what appeals to them, it’s easier to start instilling a sense of responsibility to keep their space clean and tidy.



As your child grows and changes, their room has to as well. While your master bedroom design can go ten to fifteen years with a minimal redesign, with things like a new comforter or a more modern dresser, kids need their room to reflect the changes and developing personality of reaching adolescence. Once kids hit a certain age, the pink unicorns they begged for as a child are not so cool anymore. Think about the changes associated with getting older from a design perspective as well as functionality. There are the obvious changes, like a larger bed, or more room for clothes as the child gets bigger. But don’t overlook things like a designated study space, or room for them to pursue passions like music or art. Make decisions with your growing child about what an ideal space for them looks like and help them strengthen their identity and confidence through the things they enjoy reflected in the space they feel the most comfortable.

Plenty of organization

No matter the age, kids are messy. There is no doubt about that! Plenty of storage space from the start helps reinforce good organizational skills and makes it easy for them to put away their clothes and toys when it’s time to clean up. It won’t always be tidy, but it gives kids the tools to clean up messes easily, and it makes it easier for you as a parent as well. When the storage space in the room fills up, it might be time to look at the toys your child has outgrown and take a trip to the local donation center.

Mother and child in custom kids organized room

Attached bathroom

With an attached bathroom, kids can get up and down in the night without waking up the rest of the house. This also keeps their things, and their mess secluded to one area of the home. As the child gets older, you’ll thank yourself for giving them their own bathroom to take as much time as needed to get ready in the morning. When they do eventually leave the nest, you have a great guest room with attached bathroom to make guests feel comfortable when they come to stay for the weekend.

Designated Tech Room

Most professionals talk about the negative effects of having a television in a child’s room, and the same goes for phones, tablets, and computers. One easy way to curb this usage is with a designated technology space outside of or attached to a child’s bedroom. This space can house the computer and tv, maybe even a small couch for watching, but when it comes to lights out, the room is locked and kids get the rest they need without the intrusion from hard blue light or computer screens.

Space for sleepovers

When your child’s friends come to stay the night, you don’t want a group of children camped out on the couches in the living room, especially when you wake up to have your coffee in the morning. There are a lot of creative ways to build in extra sleeping space without sacrificing floor space. Pull out beds, trundle beds and futons are great options for space in your child’s room that convert into comfortable sleeping arrangements when it’s your turn to host the next sleepover.

Custom kids bedroom built for a sleepover

These are just a few ideas to help kids feel comfortable in their space, help them learn responsibility for managing their space, and creating a space they want to be in, instead of in your bed every night. Have questions about getting started? Our design professionals are standing by to help guide you through designing the most epic bedroom for the children in your home! Ready to get started? Schedule a consultation!

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