Elevate Your Sunroom with These Custom Home Design Tips

cozy custom home sunroom with floor to ceiling windows, wood ceiling and tile floor

Elevate Your Sunroom with These Custom Home Design Tips

Sometimes, windows just aren’t enough to bring the light of day into the home. For those who want to enjoy the beauty of the land around them, sunrooms are a great addition to a custom home that opens up the flow of a home and blends indoors and out. If you’re reading this and imagining tired screens, outdated furniture and outdoor flooring material, it’s time to rethink what a sunroom can and should be.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

custom home sunroom with large windows

There’s no better way to let in light than having windows floor to ceiling for all day exposure. These giant windows make the space feel like part of the outdoors without the temperature or pests. Consider adding this features overlooking a beautiful view outside of your home. Be sure to use high-quality windows to reduce utility costs from heating and cooling. If you want to bring the outdoors in, even more, consider making some of the windows openable, so on nice days, you can enjoy the breeze!

Retractable Doors

3802fc7ad6c52c77272ed880dffc1884 toronto-indoor-chaise-lounge-with-transitional-outdoor-lounges-pool-traditional-and-swimming-enclosure

When planning your outdoor space, think of ways to utilize indoor space to highlight and take better advantage of that outdoor space. A great way to use a sunroom is to have it act as an in-between space between inside and out. Floor to ceiling windows and doors brings in the light when the doors are closed, and brings a gentle breeze into the home when open. Another option for your sunroom is to add a pool. Take advantage of your pool during all seasons. With the right planning, an indoor pool can feel like an outdoor pool with ample light and openable windows. You could also utilize the space outside of the sunroom to work with the design. Take this pass-through window for example. Easily pass food through for outdoor dining with features like this.


Black-fireplace-and-wooden-roof-for-the-spacious-sunroom .Cozy-sunroom-with-a-limestone-fireplace

A well-designed sunroom can be used all year long. One feature you can add to make the most of it in the winter is a fireplace. A fireplace is a great focal point in any room, and in the sunroom, it can help create a rustic, cabin feel. Perfect for cuddling up with a good book and watching the snow fall, a fireplace in your sunroom is an aesthetic and practical addition. Depending on the style you choose, your fireplace will elevate the overall design.

Open to the rest of the home

More modern sunrooms are often built to be part of the home. An open concept design makes space feel open and airy. You can separate the space with doors, but an open concept makes the space easier to use for the entire family. Sunrooms without doors make space feel like part of the rest of the home and promotes a seamless transition into the space.

Living wall

dining-living-min living-walls-main

Bring the outdoors in with a living wall. Access fresh herbs all year long from your sunroom. This new trend in custom homes breathes new life into any space, but the sunroom is the perfect place to show off your green thumb. As we all know, plants need plenty of natural light, so the sunroom is a natural fit for a living wall or other plants. Succulents are extremely popular as well. They are low-maintenance and easy to care for, but still need access to natural light.
These are just a few options for your sunroom. Get creative! Think of how you and your family would use a sunroom. Each square foot of your custom home should make your life more comfortable and enjoyable. Consult with one of our skilled designers to take your ideas and turn them into a space you can enjoy all year long! Ready to get started? Contact us and start designing!

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