Pantry Ideas to Make Life Easier

These pantry ideas are designed to make life easier.

Pantry Ideas to Make Life Easier

When it comes to the pantry in your custom home, you don’t want a run of the mill pantry. Sure, you need to store kitchen essentials like everyone else, but you also want to make your life easier. Your pantry, surprisingly, can make your life so much easier. With a few tweaks to your pantry ideas, cooking dinner on a busy weeknight or preparing for your first neighborhood cookout will be a snap.

Utilize every inch of your pantry to maximize storage space.

Instead of using your pantry to store your broom and mop, have your custom home builder build shelves that span the entire space. Even the corners of a pantry can be used to store the essentials you need to whip up your favorite dinners.

Accessories add style and substance to the pantry.

If you don’t like the idea of cereal boxes, flour bags, and canned goods lining the shelves in your pantry, then you need to accessorize. Think glass jars, air-tight containers, and nice wicker baskets for your pantry shelves. You’ll still have all of the storage, but it’ll look even better than before.

Jump on the chalkboard bandwagon for even more organization.

How often do you find yourself scrambling from shelf to shelf trying to find the one thing you need to finish dinner? Instead of scrambling, use chalkboard paint to label shelves and containers. A little bit of the chalkboard paint and a beautifully written label will make digging through the pantry so much easier.

Hide your appliances in a walk-in pantry to clear your counter spaces.

If your custom home has the room for it, make your pantry a walk-in. Also known as a butler pantry, these pantry ideas are big enough to store the small appliances that so often clutter kitchen counters. Your blender, smoothie maker, juicer, food processor, and crock pot want their own home. Why not give it to them and make your life a little less cluttered?

The pantry door is the perfect place for spices and small containers.

The back of your pantry door is one of the most under-utilized spaces in your home. Rather than just leave it empty, why not create a storage opportunity? You can have your custom builder install shelves for your go-to spices and other small kitchen essentials, so you don’t have to use precious space on your pantry shelves.

Use roll out shelves if there isn’t room for a walk-in pantry.

Don’t have room in your custom home kitchen for a walk-in pantry? That’s not a big deal. Don’t sacrifice storage space just because there isn’t room. Instead, install a small pantry with roll out shelves. These shelves are durable and can easily be tucked away when you aren’t in need of a pantry staple.

What other pantry ideas do you have on making life easier through pantry updates? The custom home builders at Michael and Associates would love to sit down with you and talk about your dream home ideas. Contact us today!

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