3 Different Exterior Styles to Consider for Your Custom Home

Michael and associates custom home with large rounded feature with custom brick and stone

3 Different Exterior Styles to Consider for Your Custom Home

You’re ready to start building the house of your dreams… how exciting! But first thing’s first. It’s time to narrow it down to find your personal style. This can be easy or challenging, depending on how well you already know what you like and don’t like. There are tons of different styles to choose from, but building a custom home is literally about customizing a home to meet all your heart’s wants and desires. It’s easy to fall in love with lots of different styles, but you don’t need to take an online quiz to identify the style that’s right for you. Let’s start by breaking down a few styles to see if they pique your interest…


It’s not traditional, and it’s not modern. It’s transitional. A blend of contemporary and traditional, transitional style focuses on function and practicality. Known for its neutral palette of creams, greys, or beiges with very little decoration on the walls and moldings. A combination of classic curves and modern lines give this style a clean and classy look. Incorporating sophisticated furniture and fixtures, detailed millwork, and mixing wood tones help create a warm and inviting feel. The lack of color creates a calm and serene atmosphere, which also makes room for use of feel good textures like suedes and leathers. With transitional style homes, it’s all about balancing masculine and feminine to create a seamless style. This can be a fun and creative challenge!


Craftsman style = Character for days! Who wouldn’t love the oodles of charm that come with this all-American style? This style marries arts and crafts with modern elements to keep it fresh, unique, and inviting. Think dreamy built-in’s, cozy fireplaces, front porches, exposed beams, window seats that double as a cozy reading nook and top it all off with an open floor plan. This style is just downright homey. It has a handcrafted feel without compromising on quality. Your friends and family will already feel welcomed before ever stepping foot in the front door.


It doesn’t get more “proud to be an American” than colonial style. These historical style homes give a nod to our past which helps to create a picturesque facade. Usually rectangular with a two-story brick or white exterior, colonial style homes feature centered front doors, evenly proportioned columns, windows with shutters, and decorative trim. Brick pavers leading up to the home really make this style a showstopper. A grand staircase and entry make a dramatic first impression. George Washington and our founding fathers would certainly give their stamp of approval on this stately style.

It’s okay if you are still on the fence between several different styles. Just like choosing your own personal style for dress, choosing the style of your home should feel like you too. Whether it’s traditional, colonial, craftsman style, or something in between, Michael & Associates will be there every step of the way to help you step into a style that suits you.

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