Fight Stains Smarter With the Perfect Custom Laundry Room

father and daughter in custom designed laundry room

Fight Stains Smarter With the Perfect Custom Laundry Room

Let’s put some math skills to use. According to Proctor & Gamble Co., the average American family washes about 300 – 390 loads of laundry per year, which averages out to about 6 – 7.5 loads per week. A typical load takes about 30 minutes to wash, and about an hour to dry. Then factor in folding, hanging, matching socks and putting it all away. Don’t worry, we’ll do the math for you. In total, you spend about 9 hours a week dealing with laundry duties in one way or another.

Knowing how much time you really do spend in your laundry room, why not make it a place you actually enjoy being? Get inspired with laundry room ideas and features to make those 390 loads a year a little less mundane!

Room Size

spacious laundry room design

First thing’s first. Let’s talk about the room itself. With that much laundry every week, you’re going to want to give yourself ample room to fold, hang, and sort all in one place. You’re going to want plenty of storage space, so keep that in mind as well as you start designing your custom home. Built-in cabinets are great to have and work really well for not just storage, but as folding surfaces, or a place to work on those difficult stains. They do however detract from the overall space in the room, so account for that space in your initial designs.


Room Location

Depending on the type of washer and dryer you plan on having in your new home, the placement of the laundry room can be a noisy distraction to things like family dinner or a good night’s sleep. Consider placing the laundry room somewhere in the home away from gathering areas or bedrooms. Another consideration is which floor of the home you have the most laundry. Are all of the bedrooms upstairs? It might make more sense to put the laundry room on the second floor to avoid lugging laundry up and down the stairs every week. A different solution to that could be adding a laundry chute on the second floor to the first. Talk with your custom home designer to make the best decision for your home and lifestyle.

Bonus Features:

custom home laundry room with bonus features


We’ve talked a little bit about storage in your laundry room, but there might be other features that would make your laundry routine a lot easier. A trend in custom home laundry rooms is a bonus sink. Most laundry rooms or mud rooms typically have a sink, and that is something you’ve likely already considered. But a bonus sink or a jetted sink for rinsing and getting tough stains out with powered water could help you cut down on time fighting tough stains.


Do you do a lot of ironing or steaming? You might consider a pull-down ironing board you can easily access, and store away when not in use. A steaming rack also gets wrinkles out quickly. Add a designated rack, close to your steamer, for those clothes that need to be perfectly pressed.

Kids’ Space

There’s so much you can do with your laundry space! With kids in the house, it’s hard to get away to get laundry started. Adding a craft corner and designated play space in or near the laundry room gives you the flexibility to complete the laundry and keep an eye on the kids.

The great thing about laundry is that it’s a task you can often do while multitasking. Have you ever considered making your laundry room your own personal oasis? How much better would laundry be if you could catch up on your favorite tv show while you’re at it? A tv and chair in your laundry room might be the perfect way to make doing laundry more of a treat than a task. Ready to get started on planning your perfect laundry room? Give us a call and we’ll help you design the home, and laundry room, of your dreams.

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