Design Styles Inspired By Summer

Custom Home Design with Beach Home Themes

Design Styles Inspired By Summer

The days are longer and the weekends are busier. So many of us here in the Midwest enjoy the warm weather and sunshine the summer offers and if we could only figure out how to keep these warm, positive feelings all year long without moving to a coast, we would. But while summer is here, we want to focus on what we love the most about June-August and how we can bring a little of that brightness inside the home all year long. 

When designing your custom home, the style and feel of the home are decisions you make to enjoy your home and make day-to-day living that much more enjoyable. While we still have the sun rays streaming in through the windows, let’s take a look at a few design additions we can use in a custom home design to bring a little bit of summer to the home even when snow is accumulating on the ground outside. 

Inspired By Summer

Few colors make us feel warm and happy like a beautiful yellow! It is a color to use with caution because it can easily overtake a room, but when used in accents or small doses, it is a great way to bring a breath of fresh air to any room. The color can be utilized in a variety of shades and styles in your home, so don’t lock the color into kid’s design or a summer room. Take a look at a few of the examples below to see how people utilize the color in a variety of spaces while achieving very different looks! 

Floral Flourishes

Lately, we have seen a resurgence of floral patterns in modern design. A few years ago, people might have been a little wary of using a floral pattern in fear of the home looking like your great grandmothers’. But a modern take on patterns, as well as muted colors and eclectic design makes these patterns a really popular way to bring personality and color to any room of your new custom home. While color does add another layer of summer warmth, you can also utilize floral designs in a more understated application. Big patterns like the one below create a beautiful feature wall that captures life and beauty all year round. 

Living, Breathing Design

Have you heard the new term ‘plant parenthood’? This huge trend is sweeping Instagram and interior design trends across the country as more people feature living plants in their home aesthetic. The health benefits alone are a convincing case for adding plants to the home, and making these decisions before the building process opens up unlimited options for designing around your plants! We all know they need the right amount of light and water, so when you begin thinking about designing your home, let our designers know about your plans and we will help the room look great and keep your plants healthy and well-fed with the right amount of sunlight! The living plants in the room add a touch of nature and bring life to the room. 

Beach House Beams

If you’re looking to boost the beach theme throughout your home, beams add character and create the unmistakable beach house feel. Initially designed to help waterfront homes stand up against strong coastal storms when winds pick up, the very functional beams are now more of a style choice thanks to advances in building materials. They are not absolutely necessary for most modern homes, but it does create the look and feel we all associate with simple, beach living. 

If you want to add a touch of summer out on the water in your own home, following beach house styles can add a signature flair and feeling of serenity! 

These design addition and style choices work to help your home embody a little bit of summer fun all year long. If you’re looking for a specific style or mood for your own custom home, the design and build teams at Michael and Associates can help you plan your perfect space and take that dream to reality and beyond! 

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