Custom Home Building

With summer in full swing, we wanted to dig into the custom home trends that make your house even more spectacular in the summer time. Indianapolis home builders have been incorporating many of these designs and features into homes for a while, but they all go perfectly with the summer weather. From cool evenings to hot summer afternoons, you’ll love these features in your new custom home.

Framing details have a big impact on all aspects of new custom homes. Most people don’t think much about their home’s structural skeleton—unless there’s a problem. Small mistakes made during the framing stage for custom homes can cause headaches later on that range from annoyances to health issues. Let’s look at how custom homes get framed, and how the builder makes sure it’s done right.

A successfully managed budget is a partnership between the builder and the homeowners. Custom builders work hard to make sure their clients get the home they want at a price they can afford. Cost-control strategies include value-engineering the structure, writing clear product specifications, and managing the custom home building in the most efficient manner possible. Controlling costs is a responsibility that professional builders take very seriously.